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72PCE Microfibre Dusting Cloth Lint Free Super Absorbent

72PCE Microfibre Dusting Cloth Lint Free Super Absorbent

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Introducing the Xtra Kleen® microfibre dusting cloths, the ultimate cleaning companion for all your needs. These cloths are meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional dusting experience, combining super softness, high absorbency, and complete lint-free performance. Whether you choose to use them wet or dry, they will consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

The standout feature of these dusting cloths lies in their remarkable softness. Their gentle touch ensures that you can confidently use them on any surface, no matter how delicate or valuable. From fragile furniture and sensitive electronics to intricate decorations, these cloths clean with utmost care, leaving no scratches or damage behind. Enjoy peace of mind as you effortlessly dust your belongings, knowing they are safe in the hands of Xtra Kleen®.

With their exceptional absorbency, these microfibre cloths excel at capturing and trapping dust particles effectively. Say goodbye to dusty surfaces and hello to pristine cleanliness. These cloths go beyond dusting and are highly efficient at lifting and removing even the most stubborn grease and grime. Whether it's shelves, appliances, countertops, or other surfaces, these cloths make your cleaning tasks quick and effortless.

The high absorbency and lint-free nature of these cloths ensure a spotless finish with no residue or fibers left behind. You can achieve a polished look and maintain a dust-free environment with ease. No more frustrating streaks or smears—just impeccable cleanliness throughout your home or workspace.

Rest assured that these microfibre dusting cloths are built to last. With their durable construction and scratch-resistant materials, they provide reliable performance for repeated use. Count on Xtra Kleen® to be your trusted companion in achieving exceptional cleaning results every time.

How this will alleviate allergies

Microfiber dusting cloths are made of very fine synthetic fibers that are densely woven together. The small fibers create a larger surface area than traditional cleaning cloths, allowing them to capture and trap more dust and other allergens, including dust mites and their droppings. When used dry, the fibers create a static charge that attracts and holds onto particles like dust and pollen.

Using microfiber dusting cloths can help to remove dust and allergens from surfaces without spreading them around the air, which can aggravate allergies. They are also effective at removing dust and allergens from hard-to-reach areas like blinds, lampshades, and electronics.

It's important to note that while microfiber cloths can be effective at reducing dust and allergens in the home, they should be washed regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria. Washing them in hot water and using a mild detergent can help to ensure that they remain clean and effective at capturing allergens.


Colours: Blue and Grey
Tiny Microfibres Trap and Lift Dust Away From Surfaces
Non-Scratch Material
Lint Free
Machine Washable
Can Be Used Wet or Dry
Super Soft
Highly Absorbent
Perfect For Dusting, Cleaning and Removing Grease and Grime
Use: Home, Kitchen, Laundry, Furniture, Car, Hospitality Environment

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Measurements: 30cm x 38cm

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