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Finding Dust Mite Allergy Solutions: Navigating my child’s journey through dust mite allergies

Like many of you, our journey with dust mite allergies began with a mystery - my daughter had a cold AGAIN. At this point she was getting a cold at the end of every week. Sneezing, runny nose, which brought mood swings and a host of other issues. 

As a mum, I felt exhausted physically, desperate to help my child, and totally puzzled - how come a child who used to be healthy and well is suddenly getting sick all the time? Why is her immunity so weak? What am I doing wrong?

Our GP examined her and asked me if she used to get ear infections as a baby. Yes. Severe ones and often. 

Then he asked is she wakes up in the night often. Yes. There is more traffic in the night than at the Grand Central Station. 

Have I noticed that she snores or sleeps with her mouth open? Yes, both. 

He examined her and said that with 99% certainty she has dust mite allergies and that’s what’s causing the frequent “colds”. 

With that he gave us a referral for blood tests and to an Allergy Clinic and a prescription spray in the meantime. 

Dust Mites - How can something so small cause so much havoc?!

After a visit to the allergist, who conducted a series of skin tests, the revelation hit me like a feather duster - dust mites!

These microscopic creatures, invisible to the naked eye, had made my home their paradise. Our house has carpets older than my nana, heavy curtains, and we live in Queensland, a warm and humid state - a five star resort for dust mites and a serious challenge for someone with dust mite allergies. 

That's why she seemed to be getting colds on the weekends, it's the environment in our house that's causing the allergy symptoms.

But wait - What are dust mites and what do I do about them? 

Never having had to deal with allergies myself, I did a lot of reading to understand and get answers to a million questions. 

What are dust mites? Where do they live? What are dust mite allergies? Can my child outgrow the allergies? Are they contagious? What do I need to do to get rid of them? What is effective and what are just gimmicky tools to get rid of dust mites? 

That’s how Dust Mite Allergy Solutions was born - a personal journey to find the best tools available to get rid of dust mites that do not involve pharmacology (because we leave that to the experts). 

The war on dust mites was declared

What became crystal clear in my dust mite odyssey was their tenacious nature. Merely running the vacuum over the carpet was as effective as trying to empty the ocean with a teacup. These tiny critters adore and thrive in humidity. 

Tackling them meant peering into the less-thought-of corners of home maintenance – the HVAC system and fans, where dust mites gathered like gossiping characters at a book club and many other places I didn't pay much attention to before armed with tools I didn't know existed before. 

Our first victories: Encasements and hypoallergenic bedding

The bed, a primary battleground, needed special attention. We invested in good quality dust mite mattress, duvet pillow protectors. These are like an armour that keeps the mites out. Switching to hypoallergenic bedding was another game-changer. I researched the best bedding materials for allergies and started washing bedsheets in hot water, which I alternated with freezing.

The lifestyle shift: Humidity control and regular cleaning

Living with dust mite allergies meant adapting our lifestyle. I started monitoring the humidity in our home, keeping it below 50% to create a less hospitable environment for the mites. Not an easy task in a very humid climate but possible. Washing bedding in hot water  and freezing soft toys and other smaller items became a weekly ritual. And let's not forget about decluttering - fewer items meant fewer hiding spots for dust.

The Ongoing Journey: Awareness and Adaptation

Dealing with dust mite allergies is an ongoing process. There's no magical solution, but with awareness and adaptation, it becomes manageable. Regular cleaning, smart choices in bedding, and maintaining a dust-mite-unfriendly environment have all become second nature.

Final Thoughts: Empowerment Through Knowledge

If you're sneezing your way through mornings or battling unexplained allergies, consider the possibility of dust mites. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it's the power to create a healthier living space. Remember, you're not alone in this fight - countless others, including our family, have been down this road. With the right strategies, you too can reclaim your space and get some allergy relief. 


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