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Starlyf Cleaning Mop Set I 2 x Bonus Microfibre Pads

Starlyf Cleaning Mop Set I 2 x Bonus Microfibre Pads

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Experience the incredible cleaning power of the Starlyf Autoclean Mop, the world's most advanced self-cleaning and self-drying mop and bucket system. With this innovative mop, your floors will shine without your hands ever coming into contact with dirty water.

The dual-chamber bucket effortlessly washes and dries your mop, utilizing cutting-edge self-cleaning technology. Equipped with improved microfiber material, this mop sets a new standard in home cleaning.

Versatility is key, as the Starlyf Autoclean Microfiber Mop can be used on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, marble, and more. It swiftly picks up liquid and messes in mere seconds, allowing you to simultaneously dry and polish your floors. Say goodbye to waiting for floors to dry and embrace the time saved.

With its 360-degree swivel action, the Starlyf Microfiber mop easily maneuvers under furniture, making cleaning a breeze. It excels not only on regular floors but also on bathroom floors and even in the shower, effectively eliminating soap scum and mildew. Upgrade to the Starlyf Autoclean Mop and revolutionize your cleaning routine.

How this will alleviate allergies

The densely packed fibers effectively trap and capture dust particles, including dust mites, preventing them from becoming airborne and triggering allergic reactions. By efficiently cleaning floors and surfaces, the microfibre mop reduces the presence of dust mites and minimizes allergic symptoms. The hypoallergenic properties of microfibre material make it gentle on the skin and less likely to cause irritation. Additionally, microfibre mops are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic tool that helps eliminate dust mites and allergens from the environment. Overall, using a microfibre mop provides a cleaner and allergen-reduced living space for individuals with dust mite allergies.


Soft microfibre pad: easily glides on virtually any hard surface - suitable for use on tile, linoleum, wood, stone and laminate floors.

Wash and dry the mop head in seconds: don't just push dirt around your floors.

360 degree pivoting head: easily reaches around corners, between furniture and gets right into tight spots.

Microfibre pad picks up and locks in dirt

Low profile design: easily slides under furniture for easy cleaning.

Collapsible handle: easily fits together and comes apart for quick assembly, customisable height and handy storage.

Lightweight and easy to use

Large flat mop head: ideal for cleaning large floor surfaces quickly and easily.

Neat, compact and easy-to-store.

Includes one removable, durable, machine-washable microfibre pad.

Effectively cleans dried dirt, mud, spills, wet footprints, food spills and more.

Suitable for wet and dry cleaning.

Bucket Capacity: 2.7L

What's included

Package Contents:
1 x Starlyf Autoclean microfibre mop
1 x fleece and swivel head
3 x microfibre pads


Dual-chamber 2.7L capacity bucket: easily washes the mop on one side and squeezes it dry in the other

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