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Thermo Hygrometer I Air Quality Monitor

Thermo Hygrometer I Air Quality Monitor

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GOMINIMO Thermo Hygrometer with backlights

Dust mites thrive in environments with high humidity levels, typically between 70% and 80%.

Monitor the relative humidity in your home with this hygrometer to effectively control dust mite spread. By identifying areas of high humidity and taking steps to reduce moisture levels, you can create an environment that is less favorable to dust mites, helping to reduce allergen levels and alleviate allergy symptoms.

How this will alleviate allergies

Hygrometers are devices that measure the relative humidity (RH) in the air. These devices can be helpful in controlling dust mite allergies because dust mites thrive in environments with high humidity.


High Accurate Humidity & Temperature with maximum and minimum record
Ultra-long Power Consumption: 6-12 months
Compact Display with Large Digits & Backlights
Fast Refresh Rate: 10 seconds
3 Mounting Options: hang, magnet, stand

What's included



Material: ABS
Product Dimension: 10.6 x 7.7 x 2.2cm
Colour: White
Package Content: 1x Hygrometer, 1x User Manual
Battery: 2x AAA 1.5v (battery not included)
Temperature range: -4°F-158°F (-20°C~70°C) , Accuracy: ±1°C/±1.8°F
Humidity range: 10%-99%, Accuracy: ±5%RH
Comfort indicator: DRY, COMFORT, WET
Temperature display unit: °F/°C selectable
Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °F/°C
Humidity Resolution: 1%
Refresh rate: 10 seconds

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