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Eczema Mitten Sleeves for Toddlers and Kids

Eczema Mitten Sleeves for Toddlers and Kids

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Eczema mitten sleeves for kids, babies and toddlers are made from a unique blend of bamboo, organic cotton, elastane, and silk, are designed to prevent scratching due to eczema. They offer comfort, flexibility, are soft, gentle and highly breathable, providing the ultimate in comfort for your child.

The mittens' outer layer, made of smooth 100% silk, can easily flip open or shut, reducing skin abrasion. This design allows your child full use of their hands for essential activities like playing, eating, and using the toilet. Yet, parents or caregivers can swiftly and securely close them to prevent scratching as needed.

These eczema sleeves are unique in the market, offering unmatched flexibility and advantages thanks to their special composition of bamboo, elastane, and silk, a blend not found in other mitten sleeve garments.

Features and Benefits of Eczema Mitten Sleeves

  • Material Blend: Bamboo, organic cotton, elastane, and silk for softness and breathability.
  • Comfort: Super-soft fabric ensures comfort for sensitive skin.
  • Stain Concealment: Grey Marle color hides stains from eczema creams and symptoms.
  • Convertible Mittens: Silk outer layer with mittens that can open or close to minimise skin abrasion while allowing hand functionality.
  • Scratch Prevention: Quickly closable mittens to stop scratching when needed.
  • Flexibility: Unique material blend offers unparalleled benefits in eczema management.
  • Compatibility with Treatments: Can be used alongside medications and creams, enhancing treatment efficacy.
  • Economic Sizing: Sizes accommodate growing children, reducing the frequency of size upgrades.
  • Overall Protection: Shields skin from scratching, aiding in healing and comfort during daily activities.

Eczema Mitten Sleeves - Sizing

Simply measure from the middle of the back to the fingertips and multiply by 2.

Children's sizes vary greatly, even at the same age, so using measurements is more reliable than age suggestions. If your child's wingspan is at the lower end of the size range and you prefer a snugger fit, choose the smaller size. The fabric blend has some stretch, accommodating growth.

Size Chart:

Newborn-6mths (63cm - 68cm Wingspan)
6-12mths (69cm - 74cm Wingspan)
1-2 years (75-85cm Wingspan)
3-4 years (86cm - 99cm Wingspan)
5-6 years (100cm - 116cm Wingspan) 

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