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Dust Mite Water Vacuum I VACUMI VC3

Dust Mite Water Vacuum I VACUMI VC3

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Introducing the Vacumi VC3, a three-stage water filter vacuum, designed to eliminate a wide range of contaminants, ensuring that allergenic particles don't become airborne and pose a threat to your respiratory health. The VC3 offers much-needed relief for individuals coping with conditions such as asthma, dust mite allergies, eczema, rhinitis, sinus problems, and pet-dander related issues.

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, which can inadvertently disperse allergen particles into the air as you vacuum, the VC3 excels at capturing not only common allergens like dust mite excrement and pet dander but also dust, dirt, and grime particles. This comprehensive cleaning capability sets it apart.

By utilising water as its primary filtration method, the VC3 effectively entraps unwanted elements as small as 3 microns, preventing their escape through the three-stage filter system and safeguarding your respiratory health. This offers a natural and chemical-free solution.

As the allergens, dirt, dust, and pet dander remnants are efficiently trapped in the water tank, they remain unable to escape or disperse within your living space. The three-stage filtration system offered by Vacumi elevates your indoor air quality to exceptional levels, ensuring that the air released into your home is 98% free from harmful particles. This advanced filtration process positions Vacumi as the ultimate choice for individuals dealing with any type of allergy or respiratory condition.

The VC3 distinguishes itself by functioning as both a dry and wet vacuum, and it also features a convenient blower function. The unit comes equipped with a range of accessories and attachments designed to suit a variety of applications, making it a versatile cleaning tool for your home or workplace.


Why VACUMI is the best vacuum for dust mite allergy sufferers: 

1. Superior Filtration: The VC3 is highly effective at capturing particles, including dust, allergens, and even larger substances such as pet dander and bed bugs using its water filtration system.

2. Enhanced Air Purity: The Vacumi VC3 enhances indoor air quality by preventing the release of particles into the air during vacuuming, which is a common occurrence with all vacuums lacking water filtration, including those equipped with HEPA filters. 

3. Bagless Vacuum: Save on ongoing operational costs by eliminating the need to purchase or replace disposable bags – simply empty the water tank after you've finished vacuuming.

4. Multi-Functional: The VACUMI Dust mite vacuum boasts the additional capability to function as a wet vacuum for tackling liquid spills, and it also includes a blower function for swiftly drying wet surfaces or dispersing debris.

5. Management of Allergens and Odors: Enjoy improved indoor air quality as the water filtration process effectively captures allergens and reduces the presence of pet odors commonly found in most vacuum cleaners.




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    VACUMI Dust Mite Vacuum


    Tools for allergen removal

    VACUMI comes with:

    Carpet & Hard Floor Brush, Water Brush, Round Brush, Service Tool, Hose Assembly and Extendable Alumnium Tube.

    VACUMI VC 3 offers water filtration for allergen removal and a three stage filters, including HEPA filters


    Superior dust mite allergen removal

    Vacumi employs water filtration and a a 3-stage filter system, including a HEPA filter. It ensures that the air entering your home is 98% purified from harmful particles. This makes Vacumi the top pick for individuals dealing with respiratory issues and those in need of an efficient solution for managing pet dander and bed bugs.


    With exceptional suction, VACUMI excels at allergen elimination

    Compared to a mid-range vacuum cleaner with a typical suction range of 6,000 to 12,000 pascals (Pa), the VACUMI's 1400w stepless motor boasts an impressive 19,000pa of suction power, effortlessly drawing in air, particles, or debris from the targeted floor or surface.

    Allergy-Friendly Dust Vacuum VACUMI

    What is water filtration vacuum cleaner?

    A vacuum cleaner that uses water for filtration is typically called a "water filtration vacuum" or a "water-based vacuum cleaner." These types of vacuum cleaners use water as a filtration medium to capture and trap dust, dirt, and allergens from the air as it passes through the machine.

    Water filtration vacuum cleaners are known for their ability to provide clean and fresh indoor air since they don't rely on disposable filters that can get clogged or need frequent replacement.

    How does water filtration vacuum cleaner work?

    1. Water Tank: Water filtration vacuums have a water tank or reservoir. This tank is usually located below the main vacuum unit.
    2. Suction: When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, it creates suction, much like traditional vacuum cleaners. The suction force is used to draw in air and debris.
    3. Filtration: Instead of relying solely on traditional filters like HEPA filters or dust bags, water filtration vacuums use water as the primary filtration method. The incoming air and debris pass through the water in the tank.
    4. Water Filtration: As the air passes through the water, the water captures and traps the dust, dirt, and particles. The water acts as a natural filter, effectively removing these particles from the air.
    5. Clean Air: After passing through the water, the air that exits the vacuum cleaner is typically much cleaner and free from many common allergens and fine dust particles. This makes water filtration vacuums popular among people with allergies.
    6. Maintenance: You'll also need to ensure that the vacuum's water filtration system is properly cleaned to prevent mold or bacterial growth in the water.

    Are water filtration vacuums better for allergies?

    Water filtration vacuum cleaners are very effective at capturing allergens and airborne particles, making them beneficial for allergy sufferers. These vacuums excel at allergen removal, trapping dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and even some bacteria and viruses. They also reduce dust and odors by trapping particles in water, creating a cleaner indoor environment. Moreover, they eliminate the need for costly disposable filters, saving money in the long run.

    Why water filtration vacuums are the top choice in Australia for allergies

    Water filtration vacuums excel in allergy management. Their superior performance stems from their ability to not only deeply clean surfaces but also serve as air purifiers. These vacuums adeptly capture and contain pollen and allergens within the water reservoir, ensuring that these particles are not reintroduced into the surrounding environment.

    • Water Filtration

      This dust mite vacuum replaces disposable bags with water filtration. As air and particles pass through the water filter tank during vacuuming, water acts as a natural high-quality filter, trapping dust mites and airborne debris in the reservoir.

    • Exceptionally clean air

      VACUMI offers a foam filter in the second stage, preceding the third-stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. This additional filter enhances air purification by trapping any particles that might have bypassed the water filtration, guaranteeing that the air discharged into the room is of exceptionally high purity.

    • Best vacuum for allergies

      This vacuum is ideal for individuals with allergies due to its exceptional ability to capture not only common allergens such as dust mite excrement and pet dander but also particles like dust, dirt, and grime, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience that surpasses typical vacuuming capabilities.

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    VACUMI Features

    • 1400w Variable Speed Stepless Motor
    • 19000pa Suction Power
    • 15L Tank Capacity
    • 10m Cable Length
    • 75db Low Noise
    • Wet and Dry Vac
    • Has a Blower Feature
    • A Washable 2nd Stage Foam and 3rd Stage Hepa Filter, 
    • Over ~95% of all Allergens are Filtered out in the water tank.  A following ~3% is filtered through the HEPA filtration. 

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