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Water filter vacuum cleaner review - Vacumi VC3

After discovering that my youngest is allergic to dust mites, I've had to rethink the whole cleaning routine. It's no longer just a chore; it's about making sure the air she breathes isn't making her miserable.

Suddenly, I was no longer just a mum; I became a dust mite bounty hunter, armed with cleaning tools and determination.

When trying to create an allergen-free home, we started with the basics, like dust mite mattress protectors and air purifiers.

Our usual go-to for vacuuming has been the Dyson V7 stick vacuum. However, it's not specifically designed for allergy sufferers.

Best vacuum for allergies in Australia

Vacumi VC3 water filter vacuum, designed for allergy sufferers, has been a real game-changer in our fight against allergens.

I've been so impressed with its performance that I felt compelled to share my experience with others who suffer from allergies.

I’d never heard of a water filter vacuum before and wasn’t sure how it works and what to expect. Until I found out that this vacuum was not just another tool; it was a game-changer - wow! 

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for allergies

When buying a vacuum cleaner for allergies, I was looking at four things:

  1. It should have a HEPA filter to trap allergens.
  2. It should not release allergens back into the air.
  3. It must have strong suction.
  4. It should be easy to clean.

How do water filter vacuum cleaners work?

A water filter vacuum works by using water as a filter to capture dust and allergens as it cleans, which means it releases much cleaner air back into your room while keeping the dirt in the water that you pour out after cleaning. 

This is particularly beneficial for anyone with allergies, as it helps cut down on the irritating particles in the air that can trigger symptoms.

Essentially, using this vacuum is like giving your home a mini detox each time you clean, creating a healthier environment for everyone—especially for those sensitive to dust and pollen.

Is water filter vacuum any good?

This vacuum packs a punch! Compared to my Dyson V7 stick vacuum, the Vacumi VC3 could practically suck the chrome off a bumper. It comes with a handy suction adjuster so you can dial it down from "hurricane" to "gentle breeze" in no time.

How does water filter vacuum work - Dust Mite Allergy Solutions Australia

It also comes with a number of attachments, so you will be able to clean every nook and cranny in your space. 

Unlike typical vacuums, the Vacumi VC3 can also handle liquid messes— spilled milk or overturned flower vases—which can be handy, easy and prevent mould. 

You can also plug the hose into the back of the Vacuum Cleaner (exhaust port) and you can use it as a blower!

How to use water filter vacuum Vacumi

HOw to use water filter vacuum cleaner Vacumi VC3
  • Fill the water tank: Start by filling the vacuum's water tank. Ensure the water level is between the Min and Max on the markers, the inlet should be under water. This water acts as a trap for dust, mites, and other allergens, preventing them from recirculating into the air.
  • Assemble it: Make sure the lid is properly clicked in place and sits securely.
  • Connect the hose: Plug in the vacuum hose. 
  • Ready to vacuum: Your Vacumi VC3 is ready to tackle dust mites and allergens throughout your home.

How to clean Vacumi VC3

How to clean Vacumi VC3

Cleaning it post-use is pretty straightforward.

  • Empty the water tank: Immediately after each use, empty the water tank. 
  • Rinse the tub: Give the tub a thorough rinse to wash away any residual dirt. Using the garden hose outside is quick and effective.
  • Wash the foam filter: Clean the foam filter under running water. Regular washing helps maintain strong suction and prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria. 
  • Rinse all dusty parts: Any other parts that have come into contact with dust. This step is crucial for keeping the air output from your vacuum as clean as possible. 

If you have allergies, I would recommend cleaning this vacuum outside using a hose to get rid of the bulk of the water and muck. 

After rinsing, I spray diluted eucalyptus oil solution inside the tub to eliminate dust mites and germs. Make sure it's completely dry before reassembling and storing to prevent mould and bacteria growth. I usually leave it in the sun for a while to dry.

In an ideal world, find someone who is not allergic to clean the vacuum afterwards ;)

What are the downsides

I haven't exactly stumbled upon any deal-breakers with this vacuum, more like differences. 

You have got to clean it out after each use. True story: I once got distracted by the doorbell, stashed the vacuum away, and forgot about it for a week. When I rediscovered it, let's just say the scene inside—the murky aftermath of a week-old dirt and water cocktail—was less 'forgotten treasure' and more 'swamp horror.' Take it from me, clean it promptly unless you want a DIY biohazard!

It is clearly bigger and bulkier than stick vacuums but it comes with the territory. 

Other tips

One hot tip - make sure you have clicked the top on properly before or you might have a water feature in the middle of your room. Hasn't happened to me but it could easily happen. 

Also, it would be easy and natural to drag it by the hose when vacuuming and moving through the house but I am careful to do it by actually moving the tub to extend the life of the hose and not to damage it so allergens can escape through the hose. 

Why I think Vacumi VC 3 is the best vacuum for allergies in Australia

In my opinion, Vacumi VC3 is the best allergy vacuum cleaner in Australia for the price because it offers 3 filters:  including water filtration, HEPA and foam filter making sure that no allergen escapes back into the air. It has strong suction and comes at a great price point. 

Unlike the Dyson V7, which primarily handles general cleaning, the Vacumi VC3 is designed with a specific focus on allergen removal. Its use of water filtration to trap dust, mites, and other particles makes it a powerhouse in purifying the air much more effectively than traditional vacuums.

My daughter's symptoms, including a very sensitive and constantly runny nose that easily gets blocked, were daily challenges. These symptoms not only affected her during the day but also at night, with disrupted sleep, making her a light sleeper who often woke up at night. She would sleep with her mouth open to breathe, a habit our GP warned could impact her jaw development if not addressed early.

Daily vacuuming with the water filter vacuum has significantly improved our air quality at home. This has been really important in reducing allergens.

Water filter vacuum cleaner vs stick vacuum

The Vacumi VC3 excels with its strong suction and triple-filter system that captures allergens effectively. While it’s heavier and needs regular cleaning, it outperforms the more portable stick vacuums, which are easier to move but may fall short in deep cleaning.

Besides the obvious size difference, the Vacumi VC3, being heavier and equipped with a water tank, offers unparalleled cleaning power. 

It effectively traps dust, allergens, and even liquid spills, making it a great choice for thorough home cleaning, especially if you are dealing with indoor allergens. 

With three filters offered by Vacumi and water being the main one, you can be certain that no allergens are released back into the air. 

The suction power of the Vacumi is far superior to that of a stick vacuum, but it does require cleaning after every use, which can take a bit more time.

On the other hand, stick vacuums are more mobile. Being lightweight and often cordless, they are easy to use, perfect for quick cleanups, and ideal for reaching high places. However, they may require frequent recharging and often need outlet changes to cover larger areas.

In comparison, the Vacumi VC3, though bulkier and requiring occasional plugging and unplugging due to its 10m cable, compensates with significantly stronger suction power and the ability to handle a wider variety of messes. 

Water filter vacuum cleaner vs bag vacuum

Water filter vacuums, like the Vacumi VC 3, trap dust and allergens in water, improving air quality and helping allergy sufferers. In contrast, bag vacuums are lighter and easier to manage but may let particles escape and need more upkeep.

Water filter vacuums and bag vacuums offer different approaches to handling household dust and allergens.

Water filter vacuums, such as the Vacumi VC 3, utilise water as the primary filtration method, trapping dirt, dust, and allergens in a water basin as air passes through.

This not only prevents particles from being re-released into the air, but also makes these vacuums particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

In contrast, bag vacuums collect dirt in a disposable or reusable bag, which can allow fine particles to escape back into the air if not properly sealed or if the bag is of lower quality.

While bag vacuums are often lighter and easier to handle compared to their water-filtered counterparts, they typically require more frequent maintenance in terms of bag replacement and may not be as effective in reducing airborne allergens.

Water filter vacuum vs HEPA vacuum

Water filter vacuums, like the Vacumi VC 3, use water as a natural filter to trap dust, dirt, and allergens, ensuring that these particles are contained and not released back into the air.

HEPA filter vacuums are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters capable of trapping 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The standout feature of the Vacumi VC3 is its unique combination of a water filter with a HEPA filter. This powerful duo is fantastic for allergy sufferers, offering an exceptional level of air purification.


Vacumi VC3 Water filter Vacuum in Australia

This vacuum is Australian Certified with an RCM label. Thus means that it complies with all applicable Australian safety and environmental standards. The RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) label signifies that the product has met the necessary requirements set by Australian regulatory bodies, ensuring it is safe and fit for use within Australia.

Water filter vacuum cleaner for sale in Australia

Dust Mite Allergy Solutions now features the Vacumi VC 3 water filter vacuum in its online store.

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