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Dreamaker My First Junior Pillow

Dreamaker My First Junior Pillow

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Give your little one a soft place to lay their head with the Little Sleepers Junior Pillow. With a soft and low profile to suit children's small frames, this pillow has a oganic cotton cover for softness and breathability.

Machine washable for your convenience, making it the perfect option for your youngster's bed. Soft and low profile, hypo-allergenic, machine washable for easy care. 

How this will alleviate allergies

The pillow is designed to be hypoallergenic, which means it's less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Its low profile can also help reduce the accumulation of dust mites and their allergens, creating a healthier sleeping environment for allergy sufferers.

The pillow is machine washable for easy care. You can simply toss it in the washing machine to remove any dust mites and their allergens that may have accumulated over time.


Machine Washable. Sustainable Product. Made in Australia.

What's included

1 Pillow


Size: 45cm x 70cm

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