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Devanti 250W Handheld Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter & Mop

Devanti 250W Handheld Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter & Mop

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The Devanti Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal choice for those suffering from dust mite allergies. Its robust suction power efficiently captures dust mites and allergens, ensuring a cleaner and healthier living environment. Key features include:

  • Dual Tank System: Separates clean and dirty water, crucial for avoiding the spread of allergens.
  • Brushless Motor: Provides powerful, adjustable suction to effectively remove dust mites and other allergens from hard floors.
  • Low Noise & Energy Efficient: Makes cleaning a more pleasant and eco-friendly task.
  • Hands-Free Self-Cleaning Cycle: Automatically cleans the brush roller and tube with fresh water, minimizing exposure to allergens.
  • Multi-Functional Docking System: Offers convenient charging and easy storage.
  • Portable & Lightweight Design: Makes it easy to maneuver around the house, reaching areas where dust mites commonly reside.
  • Cordless & Bagless: Enhances ease of use and reduces the risk of allergen dispersion during disposal.
  • HEPA Filter: Traps fine particles such as dust mite feces and other allergens, preventing them from being released back into the air.

Included are a storage base, adaptor, spare roller brush, HEPA filter, and a user manual for hassle-free assembly. The Devanti Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner is not just a cleaning tool; it's a step towards a dust mite allergen-free home.

One-step cleaning
Vacuum, mop and wash
Two-tank system
Clean water tank
Dirty water tank
Brushless motor
Low noise operation
Energy efficient
Adjustable 2-speed suction power control
Bagless with HEPA filter
Eliminates up to 99.97% of dust and allergens
Fit for all types of hard floor
Cordless and lightweight
Quick battery charging
Storage base, adaptor, spare roller brush and HEPA filter included

Brand: Devanti
Power: 250W
Suction power: 14000PA
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Running time: 15-22mins
Clean water tank: 350ml
Dirty water tank: 550ml
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Adaptor cable length: 150cm
Overall dimensions: 31.5cm x 25cm x 116cm
Colour: White and grey
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages: One

Package Content
Devanti Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner x 1
Storage Base x 1
Adaptor x 1
Spare Roller Brush x 1
HEPA Filter x 1
User Manual x 1

This product comes with 1 year warranty

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