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Bamboo Eczema Pyjamas for Adults I Bamboo Buddy

Bamboo Eczema Pyjamas for Adults I Bamboo Buddy

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Bamboo Buddy Pajamas, a natural progression from our award-winning Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bags, offer adults suffering with eczema or dermatitis a peaceful night's sleep.

These PJs, featuring a unique fold-over mitten design, prevent overnight scratching and are more versatile than standard pajamas. They allow hand access for essential activities while securing the mittens during sleep to protect sensitive skin.

The enclosed footed pants design also safeguards against scratching, especially during flare-ups. Made from a soothing blend of 70% Bamboo, 25% Organic Cotton, and 5% Elastane, these pajamas are soft, breathable, and superior in managing eczema symptoms compared to silk or cotton.

Additionally, the 2-in-1 sizing design saves money by fitting through two sizes, and the option to mix and match separates caters to varying growth rates. The ScratchMeNot™ flip mitten sleeves are specifically designed to break the itch-scratch cycle, allowing damaged skin to heal and providing comfort and relief for children with eczema.

Why You Will Love Bamboo Eczema Pyjamas for Adults

Soothing Bamboo Fabric: The bamboo blend used in Soothe Pyjamas is carefully selected for its thermal-regulating and antibacterial properties, and most importantly, its incredible softness. Composed of 68% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton & 4% Lycra, this fabric is ideal for alleviating discomfort from sore, itchy skin.

Integrated Fold Over Mittens: Soothe Bamboo Pyjamas feature a unique fold over mitten design. These can be left open or securely flipped shut for sleeping, effectively reducing scratching damage.

Enclosed Feet Design: The design of Soothe Bamboo Pyjamas includes enclosed feet, protecting feet, ankles, and legs from scratching. This also prevents rubbing against bedding or self-inflicted scratches from one foot to the other.

Unisex Colors & Sizing: Available in a versatile Midnight Blue, Soothe Bamboo Pyjamas are suitable for both men and women. Their unique design ensures comfortable wear for all.


Bamboo Eczema Pyjamas for Adults

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