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High Pressure Steamer 18 IN 1

High Pressure Steamer 18 IN 1

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This steam cleaning machine features a high temperature that effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, dust mites, and more. Plus, no chemicals or scrubbing are needed to remove tough-grease from oven hobs and extractor fans. The angle adapter and concentrator make it easy to clean even hard-to-reach areas like faucets, and the wheel and handle design ensure portability and convenience. Finally, this versatile cleaner can be used to clean furniture, bathrooms, toilets, windows, , kitchenware and automobiles.

How this will alleviate allergies

Using a steamer on bedding, carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces can help reduce the presence of dust mites and allergens. The high temperature of the steam can penetrate deep into fabrics and materials, killing dust mites and other allergens that are difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods. Additionally, steam cleaning can be a chemical-free and environmentally friendly way to clean and disinfect, which can be beneficial for people with sensitivities to harsh chemicals.


- High temperature to kill 99.99% all kinds of bacteria, mites, etc.
- With no chemicals or scrubbing, the steam cleaning machine effortlessly removes tough-grease from oven hobs & extractor fans.
- Easy to clean difficult to reach-areas with areas with the angle adapter or concentrator such as faucets, etc
- Portable Wheel and handle design, convenient for use.
- Used to clean bathroom, toilet, windows, furniture, kitchenware and automobiles.

What's included

1 x Main Unit
2 x Brush
1 x Glass Brush
1 x High Pressure Nozzle
1 x Floor Brush
1 x Floor Brush Connector
2 x Extension Tube
2 x Round Brushes(Stainless/Plastic)
2 x Towel of Floor Brush
2 x Towel of Ironing Brush
1 x Cord rewinder
1 x Clothes hanger
1 x Measuring Cup


Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic
Size: 40x25x25cm/15.7x9.8x9.8in
Voltage: 220-240V
Plug Type: AU Plug
Power: 2000W
Tank Capacity: 1.8L
Pressure: 4.0 bar

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Customer Reviews

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Sophie M

Useful around the house for more than just dust mites.

Very effective

Love this steam cleaner