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Waterproof Allergy Eczema Cot Mattress Protector

Waterproof Allergy Eczema Cot Mattress Protector

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Waterproof Allergy Cot Mattress Protector 


130cm x 69cm I 13cm Height  (Standard Australian size)

120cm x 60cm I 13 cm Height (Standard US size)

Top-rated allergy cot mattress protector, endorsed by over 100 Australian specialists. This protector is meticulously designed with a pore size of less than two microns (2µm), ensuring unparalleled protection against dust mites, bed bugs, liquid spills and allergens. It effectively seals off your mattress, preventing these irritants from penetrating or escaping.

Not only does it block allergens, but our bed bug mattress cover also eliminates any dust mites, bed bugs, and their eggs trapped inside by depriving them of their food source, and stopping allergens from becoming airborne. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues and eczema and ensures a cleaner sleeping environment.

Additionally, our encasement extends the life of your mattress by guarding against wear, tear, and stains. Crafted from commercial-quality materials, including 90gsm polyester knitted jersey fabric with a 0.2mm TPU waterproof lining, it offers a hypoallergenic surface that is soft, waterproof, and cool to the touch. Designed to work with a standard mattress protector, it can be washed weekly without compromising the seal.

This product comes with a 30-day quality guarantee and a 10-year warranty, offering you the best allergy bedding solution in Australia.

Cot mattress protectors are an essential item for babies and toddlers with allergies and eczema, providing a hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant barrier for a healthier sleep environment.

Designed for comfort and ease, the protectors are made from soft materials and are machine washable for convenient cleaning. 

Materials: Polyester Knitted Jersey, 0.2mm TPU Lining

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