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Sleeping Bag with Eczema Mitten Sleeves for Babies & Toddlers

Sleeping Bag with Eczema Mitten Sleeves for Babies & Toddlers

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Night time scratching due to eczema can be significantly reduced with the multi-award winning product from Bamboo Bubby sleeping bag with built-in eczema mitten sleeves.

The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ is an innovative solution for parents managing their baby's eczema, offering an adjustable design to fit children from 6 months to over 2 years. This unique feature eliminates the need for frequent size upgrades, providing cost-effective, long-term value. The adjustable sleeves, similar to growsuit handcovers, are especially beneficial when babies outgrow swaddling or begin to show signs of eczema, typically around 6-9 months. Designed for safe sleeping, the bag's generous length and adjustable armholes align with SIDS guidelines, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for growing babies.

Focused on aiding babies with eczema, the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ promotes better sleep by preventing scratching and interrupting the itch-scratch-wake cycle. Sleep disturbances, a common issue for children with eczema, significantly affect their quality of life. The bag's soft bamboo and organic cotton fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, ideal for sensitive skin, and helps maintain a comfortable body temperature. Additional features like the double-ended zipper for easy diaper changes and the seatbelt slot for safe transportation enhance its practicality. This sleeping bag not only keeps babies warm and prevents thumb sucking but also fits seamlessly into a baby’s daily routine, providing relief and comfort for both the child and parents.

    Multi-award winning sleeping bag with eczema sleeves

    Features and Benefits of Sleeping Bag with Eczema Mitten Sleeves for Babies & Toddlers 

    Adjust-a-Sleeve™ Design:

    • Grows with your child for 2-3 years, eliminating frequent upgrades and saving money.
    • Safe Sleep: Ideal for babies transitioning from swaddling; keeps hands enclosed for security and warmth, and prevents scratching or thumb sucking.

    Hypoallergenic and Breathable Fabric:

    • 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton blend with a TOG rating of 1-1.5, suitable for all seasons.
    • Temperature Regulation: Keeps baby's body temperature stable, preventing itching from overheating and ensuring warmth in cold weather.
    • Cot Linen Alternative: Ideal for ensuring comfort throughout varying temperatures.

    Double Ended Zipper:

    • Simplifies night time nappy changes without needing to remove the sleeping bag, easing parental tasks.
    Seatbelt Slot Compatibility:
    • Fits with 5-point safety harnesses in cars or prams, minimising scratching or sucking damage when not easily monitored.
    Available Colours:
    • Turquoise Blue
    • Sage Green
    • Fuscia Pink

    Satisfaction Guarantee
    Should you find yourself unhappy with the quality of any Bamboo Bubby products within the first 30 days after purchase, rest assured that we offer a no-questions-asked refund or product exchange, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to buy different sizes?

    No, the Bamboo Bubby Bag has been designed to fit ages 6 months to 2-3 years saving you money by NOT having to buy multiple sized bags throughout the first 2+ years of your child's life. It is the safest choice when you must stop swaddling or wrapping your baby either in wraps or swaddle bags, yet their skin still requires protection from damage caused by scratching or thumb sucking.

    How do I adjust the Bamboo Bubby Bag sleeves?

    Before placing your baby in the Bamboo Bubby Bag, the sleeve length of the will need to be adjusted to fit your baby’s arm length.
    000/00 is the cuff nearest the shoulder and larger sizes are the cuffs closer to the hand end of the sleeve.
    A short video demonstrating the sleeve adjustment can be viewed at:

    To ensure long lasting use of your Bamboo Bubby Bag & to protect the delicate bamboo fabric, open snap press buttons carefully by pulling them apart from the plastic of the button rather than placing unnecessary strain surrounding fabric.

    **It is not usually necessary to resize the armhole buttons each time it is worn - simply leave the buttons done up until your baby grows into the larger sizes.

    How often should I adjust the Bamboo Bubby Bag sleeves?

    It is recommended to adjust the sleeves on the Bubby Bag before you place your child in the bag before each sleep time, as often sleeves will become untucked once a baby wakes up and begins moving around in their cot. By adjusting before each sleep, you can ensure each time that the hand cover part is turned over and the excess fabric is pushed all the way inside the sleeve and flattened down. 

    What does Bamboo Bubby Bag’s TOG rating mean?
    A TOG rating is an international standard measurement of a blanket or sleeping bag's thermal effectiveness (or warmth). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm. The TOG rating for the Bamboo Bubby Bag would be slightly higher than sleeping bags made of cotton sheeting (usually 0.5-1 TOG) due to the nature of bamboo fabric which has fibres that expand when it's warm to let skin breathe, but that also contract when cool to trap heat close to the body helping to keep a baby's body temperature regulated and preventing additional itching from overheating. The nature of bamboo fabric would make the Bamboo Bubby Bag's TOG rating 1-1.5 TOG.

    Because the sleeping bags were specifically designed for eczema babies who often overheat easily, making itching worse, they are made of a single layer of bamboo fabric. While this is considered light-mid weight for sleeping bags, the thermal regulating nature of bamboo fabric does keep babies at a comfortable temperature.

    What do I dress my baby in underneath the Bamboo Bubby Bag?

    Bamboo Bubby Bags can be used with your baby all year around and because eczema babies do tend to overheat more than other babies, it is best to dress your baby according to current weather conditions. 

    Suggested clothing to wear under a Bamboo Bubby Bag:

    Room temperature 24-28°C (hot weather): singlet and nappy or just nappy plus Bamboo Bubby Bag.

    Room temperature 20-24°C (warm weather): short sleeved pyjamas or one suit garment or singlet and nappy or just nappy plus Bamboo Bubby Bag.

    Room temperature 16-20°C (cold weather): singlet and long sleeved pyjamas or one suit garment plus Bamboo Bubby Bag. 

    ** This is a suggested guide only. It is best to not overdress an eczema baby too much, however if you live in a particularly cold climate, you can still use additional blankets if needed and when you might be up changing or feeding your baby during the night, you will be able to gauge their warmth inside the bag when you unzip it and adjust blankets or clothing as required.

    SIDS and Kids recommend also the following as a guide to determining how babies should be dressed for sleep: 

    • Dress baby as you would dress yourself – comfortably warm, not hot or cold. A good way to check baby’s temperature is to feel baby’s chest, which should feel warm (don’t worry if baby’s hands and feet feel cool, this is normal). 
    • If baby is sweating or has a red face, remove some bedding or clothing. This may be necessary if baby is unwell, in which case you should seek medical attention.

    How do I wash or care for the Bamboo Bubby Bag?
    Bamboo fabrics will maintain their special qualities when washed in cold to warm water (up to 60°C) on a gentle-normal cycle with a gentle detergent, free of bleach.

    Line dying is best & we recommend hanging the Bamboo Bubby Bag upside down with arms downwards, preventing any stretching of the fabric around the neckline and allowing the sleeves to dry thoroughly.

    If necessary they can also be dried in clothes dryer on the cool setting. 

    Why is there a High Fire Danger label? 
    Bamboo Bubby Bags™ have been designed and tested to comply with the Austalian & New Zealand Safety Standards for Children's Nightwear (AS/N1249.2003) which requires a High Fire Danger label to remind parents and carers about the dangers of leaving children un-supervised in rooms with open fires and heaters.

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