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Saphira C8 Dry Steam Cleaner

Saphira C8 Dry Steam Cleaner

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Commercial grade steamer for your home

This lightweight and portable appliance is both efficient and effective, providing you with the commercial-level technology you need in a compact package.

Fast, water-efficient and chemical free

The Saphira C8 represents the future of cleaning - it is both water-efficient and chemical-free. This innovative device is capable of sanitizing a variety of soft and hard surfaces, removing bacteria and dust mites with a 99.999% efficacy to deliver professional-grade cleaning.

The Saphira C8 steam cleaner heats up within minutes and can continuously produce steam, enabling you to refill the water reservoir anytime during operation without any downtime. With three adjustable steam levels, this machine is well-equipped to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs in your home without any interruptions.

European quality

Originating from Italy, the Saphira C8 steam cleaner is a highly powerful and compact domestic appliance that stands out in the market. With a remarkable steam pressure of 8 bars and steam output of 82g/min, it delivers exceptional performance. The machine generates continuous dry steam at temperatures over 170ºC, making it a top-performing device designed for superior cleaning outcomes.

Attachments for all your needs

The appliance comes with an 18-piece multi-purpose accessory kit that provides you with tools for every cleaning task, covering a broad range of applications. For steam-only cleaning, the Saphira C8 is the ideal choice for achieving the best cleaning results in your home.

How this will alleviate allergies

Dry steam cleaning can be effective in reducing the presence of dust mites, which can trigger allergies in some people. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments, and they can be found in mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, and other household surfaces.

Dry steam cleaning uses high-temperature steam to clean and sanitize surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. The high heat from the steam can kill dust mites and their eggs, which helps to reduce their populations. In addition, the steam can penetrate deep into fibers and crevices, which can dislodge and remove dust mite debris, such as feces and shed skin cells, that can also trigger allergies.

Overall, dry steam cleaning can be a helpful tool in reducing the presence of dust mites and improving indoor air quality for people with dust mite allergies. However, it is important to note that steam cleaning should not be relied upon as the sole method of allergy control and that other measures, such as regular vacuuming and dusting, may also be necessary.


Dry steam is an easy and efficient method of cleaning improving cleaning outcomes both visually and microbially. The superior performance of high temperature dry steam drastically reduces contact time required to sanitise hard and soft surfaces, in turn, reducing household clean times. Dry steam is a hospital approved method of cleaning widely used across commercial industries.

Make the switch to chemical free cleaning to remove harsh chemicals from your day to day life. By switching to dry steam cleaning, you too, can make tricky and labour intensive jobs easier, without the need of toxic household chemicals. The Saphira C8 is the future of home cleaning; Lightweight, portable, efficient & effective.

What's included

Dry Steam Cleaner and the attachments


37 cm x 32 cm

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  • Floors and Walls

    • Hard Floors including vinyl, stone, tiles & grout
    • Kitchens including range hoods, ovens, stovetop, sink, benchtops, fridge door seals
    • Bathrooms including vanity, toilet seat hinges, shower recess, limescale buildup, deodorising and unclogging drains
    • Windows, framing, sliding doors and blinds
  • Soft Furnishings

    • Upholstery including fabric and leather lounges, carpets, car seats and curtains
    • Mattresses targeting bacteria, bed bugs and mould
  • Outdoors

    • Kill Weeds and target growth on outdoor pavings and furniture

Saphira C8 Packages

Choose between the Saphira base package or Saphira Pro package.

What Is Dry Steam Cleaning?

Dry steam is essentially water vapor that is produced by heating water to a high temperature without boiling it. When dry steam is pressurized and heated above 170C using a quality microfiber, it creates the ideal combination for effective infection prevention.

Steam Australia's machines produce dry steam at temperatures exceeding 170C, with a moisture content of only 5%. This high temperature dry steam can break the bond between dirt and surface, effectively eliminating ≥99.999% of bacteria by damaging and inactivating their cells. This process also helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and allergens such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold spores, E.coli, Influenza, Coronavirus, and other enveloped viruses.

By using high-temperature dry steam, this cleaning method provides an effective and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based cleaning products.

  • Effortless and effective

    • Quicker clean times
    • Simplify general cleaning and make tricky jobs easier
    • Improve cleaning outcomes both visually & on a microbial level
    • Kills over 99.999% of bacteria, virus’ and allergens; such as dust mites, bed bugs, mould spores, E.coli, Influenza, Coronavirus and other enveloped viruses.
  • Eco-friendly and chemical free

    • Chemical free dry steam
    • Reduce chemical usage by up to 95%
    • Reduce water usage by up to 90%
    • Reduce packaging waste from chemicals and throw-away products
    • Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, providing a safe and clean environment for your family
  • Efficient

    • Reduce chemical costs
    • Reduced cleaning times
    • Clean a wider range of surfaces in your home with one versatile appliance
    • Not a throw-away appliance, this quality Italian steam cleaner is built to last

A Tool For

Every Job

A tool for every cleaning job, the the Saphira C8 is the best steam cleaner for your home. It is supplied with an 18-piece multi-purpose accessory kit to cover a range of applications. With a wide array of optional steam only tools compatible with this unit, tailor your own Saphira C8 package for your home cleaning today. See training video for more information. 

Our available accessories are constructed with a makeup of 50% Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), categorically top in their field. FRP is often used in aerospace, marine and construction industries, so you can guarantee these accessories have a high durability.



  • 2.5m S/O Button Handle Hose
  • Extension Tube 250mm Extension
  • Tube 500mm x 2 Brush
  • Rectangular 300mm Floor
  • Rectangle Cushion
  • Triangle Brush
  • Triangle Cushion
  • Detail Nozzle
  • Window Squeegee S/O w/ 250mm
  • Insert Window Squeegee S/O
  • Insert 350mm Brush Nylon 30mm
  • Brush Nylon 38mm
  • Brush Nylon 60mm
  • Brush Stainless Steel 30mm Brush
  • Stainless Steel 38mm Cloth
  • Maintenance Kit



  • Detail Nozzle Grey
  • S/O Aluminium Long Nozzle
  • Mop Head Wall 250mm
  • Microfibre Mop Pad Wall 250mm
  • Mop Head Floor 390mm
  • Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 390mm
  • Iron One Button
  • Silicon Iron Rest
  • Aroma Therapy Oil Diffuser
  • Scraper
  • Plunger
  • Weed Killer Bell
  • Brush Round Brass 30mm, 38mm
  • Brush Round Horsehair 30mm,
  • 60mm Aroma Therapy Oil Diffuser
  • Microfibre Cloth 5 Pack
  • Steam Australia Accessories Bag
  • Disposable Microfibre 50 Pack
  • Disposable Microfibre 20 Pack
  • Disposable Microfibre Floor Pad 50 Pack