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Replacement VOC Filter SmartAir Blast Mini

Replacement VOC Filter SmartAir Blast Mini

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While HEPAs capture particulate pollution like PM2.5 and dust, carbon filters get VOCs. These are hazardous gases that normally pass right through a HEPA. Activated carbon filters react with these hazardous gases to remove them from the air.

Common sources of VOC gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene include:

  1. Paints, varnish, lacquer and wax coatings
  2. Cleaning and disinfectant products
  3. Makeup and cosmetic products such as hair sprays
  4. Building materials such as plaster board, plaster and cement
  5. Building furnishings and furniture such as wood tables, curtiains and other upholstery
  6. Glues used in buildings and construction, especially for wood and furniture making.

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