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Replacement Filter SmartAir SA600 VOC Filter I 2-Pack

Replacement Filter SmartAir SA600 VOC Filter I 2-Pack

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Replacement Carbon (VOC) 2-pack filters for the Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier 

Activated carbon filters are highly effective in removing harmful gases from various sources such as vehicles, factories, and forest fires. These harmful gases include carbon monoxide, SOx, NOx, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, which can be found in cleaning products, new paint, carpet, furniture, and other household items. Additionally, activated carbon filters can also adsorb ozone and radon, which are known to cause lung cancer.

The VOC filter utilizes activated carbon granules that are treated to become highly porous, resulting in an enormous surface area. In fact, a mere teaspoon of activated carbon has as much surface area as a football field! This vast surface area allows for highly reactive adsorption of harmful gas molecules, resulting in fresh, odorless, and chemical-free air.

Overall, utilizing activated carbon filters in air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality in your indoor environment by effectively removing harmful gases and VOCs, resulting in cleaner and safer air to breathe.

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