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JET-USA Portable Steamer Multi-Purpose High Pressure Handheld

JET-USA Portable Steamer Multi-Purpose High Pressure Handheld

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The Jet-USA steam cleaner is equipped with a 1000-watt heating system and offers a safe, chemical-free way to clean and sanitise your entire home. It effectively eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and dust mite and is simple to use, lightweight, and ideal for hard-to-reach spots.

It comes with six attachments making it ideal for removing stubborn grime from fabric and almost any hard surface, including windows, sinks, stoves, countertops, refrigerators, and shower doors.

How this will alleviate allergies

Steam cleaning is effective at killing dust mites, as the high temperatures and pressure of the steam can penetrate deep into fabrics and other surfaces where dust mites and their allergens can accumulate. By using the JET-USA Portable Steamer to steam clean bedding, curtains, carpets, and other surfaces, you can help reduce the levels of dust mite allergens in the home and alleviate symptoms of dust mite allergies.

Additionally, the JET-USA Portable Steamer can be used to clean other surfaces in the home that may accumulate dust, such as furniture, baseboards, and window treatments. By regularly cleaning these surfaces with a steam cleaner, you can help reduce the overall level of dust in the home and further alleviate allergy symptoms.


Tank Capacity: 450ml(max)
Rated Water Capacity:150-270ml
Rated Power: 1000W
Steam Pressure: 0.2-3.5bar
Steam Flow: 28g/min
Temperature: 130°C
Fuse Switch: 172°C
Dimension: 146x71x100mm
Rated Voltage/Frequency: 220~240V/50Hz(60Hz)
Power Plug: Australian Standard
Note: Alternate current with cable with ground
Rated electric current can't be more than 10A.

What's included

1x General Purpose Steamer
1x Straight Pressure Nozzle
1x Flexible Extension Hose
1x Large Surface Attachment
1x Flat Glass Cleaning Attachment
1x Soft Round Brush Attachment
1x Funnel
1x Measuring Cup
1x Steamer Cloth


Product Dimension (W x D x H): 16 x 19.7 x 27cm
Net Weight: 2kgs/PCS
Package Dimension: 420 x 170 x 275mm
Outer Dimension: 610 x 405x 265mm (1x4)

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