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Ionmax Rhine 50L/day Compressor Dehumidifier I Mobile App

Ionmax Rhine 50L/day Compressor Dehumidifier I Mobile App

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The Ionmax Rhine ION650 Compressor Dehumidifier effectively helps prevent the growth of mould by removing up to a whopping 50 litres of moisture from the air daily, collecting the moisture in its large 5.1-litre water tank. Covering rooms of up to 260 cubic metres, this unit is ideal for households dealing with moisture damage issues in warm climates.

The WiFi app control allows users to monitor the dehumidifier’s performance and make informed changes to the settings through their smartphone to achieve their preferred relative humidity level within the room. The Ionmax Rhine also has a built-in washable filter to help remove large dust particles from the air, leaving you with cleaner, dehumidified air household-wide.

Warranty: 2 years


How this will alleviate allergies

As a compressor dehumidifier, the Ionmax Rhine works by compressing and cooling air, causing moisture to condense and be collected in a water tank, thereby reducing the humidity levels in the room. By controlling the humidity levels, it can help prevent the growth of dust mites, mold, and other allergens that thrive in humid environments, which can alleviate allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and itching.

Moreover, the Ionmax Rhine has a washable air filter that can remove particles such as dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air. It also has a mobile app that allows users to monitor and control the dehumidifier remotely, adjust humidity levels, and set schedules, ensuring that the air quality in the room is optimal at all times.

The Ionmax Rhine also has an intelligent mode that can adjust the dehumidification rate based on the current room temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that the dehumidifier operates efficiently and effectively, without wasting energy.


Moisture removal up to 50L per day
High-performance compressor dehumidifier
With eco-friendly CFC-free R290 refrigerant
Wifi app control 
Helps prevent mould and mildew growth
Speeds drying of clothes indoor 
Healthier indoor air 
Auto defrost
Suitable for warm climates 
Room coverage up to 260m3
50L Compressor Dehumidifier
- Work best in warmer climate
- Removes 50L of moisture a day
- Coverage up to 102m2
- Auto Defrost
- Moisture Extraction (Litres/day): 50 L (at 30°C, RH80%)
- 5.0 litres Tank Capacity
- Tank Full Auto Stop
- Laundry Mode
- WiFi App Control
- R290 Refrigerant
- Noise level: ≤50dB
- Power consumption: 680W (30°C, RH80%)
- Drainage options: Water Tank / Continuously Drainage Tube - Relative Humidity Indicator
- Sleep mode / up to 24 hours Set Timer
- 2+2 years extended warranty

What's included

Dehumidifier, user manual, drainage hose


Model No.: Ionmax ION650
Coverage Area: Up to 260m3
Power Consumption: 793 W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
Dehumidifying Rate: 50 litres/day (at 30°C, 80%RH)
Tank Capacity: 5.1 litres
Temperature Range: 5 – 35°C
Net Weight: 19 kg
Dimension: 368 (W) x 256 (D) x 620 (H) mm

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