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Ionmax UV HEPA Air Purifier ION430

Ionmax UV HEPA Air Purifier ION430

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Eliminate 99.97% of airborne allergens using the Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA air purifier, equipped with intelligent monitoring of indoor air quality for PM2.5.

The Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier helps to effectively purify the air of contaminants by means of a 5 tier purification system. Encompassing some of the best features an air purifier has to offer, the ION430 utilises a pre-filter to trap large particles, a HEPA filter to trap fine particles down to 0.3 microns in size, and a carbon filter to neutralise odours, smoke, harmful gases, and VOCs. Making use of a UV-C light, the ION430 also inactivates and destroys any harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and releases negative ions to refresh and revitalise the air. Along with its built-in digital air quality sensor, the Ionmax ION430 helps you monitor and improve indoor air quality at the same time.

Ionmax ION430 

  1. Large Particle Removal: The pre-filter increases the longevity of the activated carbon & antiviral HEPA filters by capturing larger airborne particles like dust, hair, and pet dander.
  2. Odor Neutralisation: The activated carbon filter effectively neutralizes odors from smoke, and VOCs released by new furniture, household disinfectants, and paint.
  3. 99.97% Viral Infectivity Reduction: The antiviral HEPA H13 filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns and is proven to reduce viral infectivity by 99.97%, as tested by MRIGlobal.
  4. Virus and Bacteria Inactivation: The Breeze Plus's UVX-Shield directly targets and destroys the protein coatings of viruses and bacteria within the purifier.
  5. Airborne Particle Removal: IonX-Shield in the purifier emits negative ions to assist in removing airborne particles and refreshing the air.
  6. Air Quality Monitoring: Ionmax SmartSens technology enables the purifier to monitor indoor PM2.5 dust particle levels, which are displayed on both the purifier’s digital screen and a mobile app.

Eliminate Airborne Allergens

With its 5-stage filtration and HEPA H13 filter, the ION430 air purifier efficiently removes 99.97% of pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Relief from Allergy Symptoms

Its filters aid in clearing the air of particles that can trigger asthma and allergies.

Air Quality Tracking

Keep tabs on PM2.5 levels, humidity, and temperature with the purifier's clear digital display.

User-Friendly Operation

Features include an 8-hour timer, various modes like sleep, turbo, and auto, plus a child lock.

Perfect for Your Home

Easy to move with its carry handle, the ION430's sleek design blends seamlessly with your home decor.


2 years

Enquire about 2 year extended warranty


How this will alleviate allergies

Five Levels Of Air Purification For Maximum Performance:
Cleanable Pre-filter - Traps large airborne particles such as hair, dust and pet dander
H13 HEPA Filter - A grade H13 HEPA filter removes 99.97% microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in size such as fine dust, smoke, bacteria, pollen and mould spores.
Activated Carbon Filter - Neutralises odours such as smoke, harmful gases, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at a rate of 99%
Germicidal UV Light - UV Light (254nm) inactivates and destroys germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria at rate of 99%
Ioniser - Releases negative ions to freshen and balance the air


- Digital IAQ (indoor air quality) display - Shows current indoor air quality based on - fine particulate matter (PM2.5) levels, indoor air temperature, and relative humidity
- Easy to use control panel
- Carry handle on back of unit for easy portability
- 3 fan speeds and 3 modes (Sleep, Turbo, Auto)
- Timer up to 8 hours
- Filter replacement indicator
- Child lock
- Low noise levels

What's included

Air purifier, setup guide


COVERAGE AREA: Up to 40 sqm
NOISE LEVEL: 66dBA (max)
FILTER LIFE: 2,000 hours
CADR: 340m3/h
INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240V, 50Hz
DIMENSIONS: H: 590mm, D: 210mm, W: 380mm
WEIGHT: 7 kg

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