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Ionmax Breeze Air Purifier I UV HEPA H11 filter I ION420

Ionmax Breeze Air Purifier I UV HEPA H11 filter I ION420

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Remove 99.97% of allergens in the air with the Ionmax Breeze air purifier's 5-stage air purification, which includes UV sterilisation and antiviral HEPA H11 filter

Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the Ionmax Breeze is perfect for the home or office to keep air clean and healthy indoors.

5 stages of air purification

  1. Large Particle Removal: The pre-filter increases the longevity of the activated carbon & antiviral HEPA filters by capturing larger airborne particles like dust, hair, and pet dander.
  2. Odor Neutralisation: The activated carbon filter effectively neutralizes odors from smoke, and VOCs released by new furniture, household disinfectants, and paint.
  3. 99.97% Viral Reduction: The antiviral HEPA H11 filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns and is proven to reduce viral infectivity by 99.97%, as tested by MRIGlobal.
  4. Virus and Bacteria Inactivation: The Breeze Plus's UVX-Shield directly targets and destroys the protein coatings of viruses and bacteria within the purifier.
  5. Airborne Particle Removal: IonX-Shield in the purifier emits negative ions to assist in removing airborne particles and refreshing the air.


2 years

Additional 2 Year Extended warranty available for $49


How this will alleviate allergies

Efficiently remove allergy triggers such as dust, pet fur & dander from the air you inhale with this 5-level HEPA air filtration system.

HEPA 11 filter removes up to 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, allergens, and germs from the air.

Activated carbon filter neutralises odours caused by smoke and VOCs emitted from new furniture, household disinfectants, and paint.

UV C light inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped within the air purifier by destroying its outer protein coating through direct exposure.

Pre Filter extends the lifespan of the activated carbon & HEPA filters by removing large airborne particles such as dust, hair, and pet dander.

Ioniser releases negative ions into the surrounding air to help with the removal of airborne particles and freshens up the air.


Five levels of air purification for maximum performance
UV / ION function
Portable air purifier
Various modes
3 Fan Speeds (Low, Medium, High)
Timer up to 8 hours
Low noise levels
Filter replacement indicator

What's included

Air purifier, setup guide


Model No.: ION420
Coverage area: 18sqm (ANSI standard) | 55sqm (NRCC standard)
Clean air delivery rate (CADR): Up to 170m³/h
Noise level: ~ 50dBA (High)
Negative ions output: ≥ 3.0 x 10⁶ ions/cc
Filter life: 12 months for typical uses
Input voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 55W
Weight: 4.2kg
Dimensions: H: 409mm, D: 162mm, W: 324mm

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