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Fur King "Ortho" Orthopedic Dog Bed I Medium

Fur King "Ortho" Orthopedic Dog Bed I Medium

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This isn't an ordinary dog bed; it's the ultimate dog bed with memory foam and orthopedic properties. In fact, it's a truly premium product that's machine washable created by dog lovers who wanted a dog bed that combined practicality, comfort, and luxury all in one! 

The washable dog bed covers provide relief for dust mite allergies by allowing regular washing of the covers to remove dust mites, their allergens, and other potential irritants. This helps maintain a cleaner and hypoallergenic environment reducing the risk of allergic reactions and promoting a healthier living space.

  • Water-resistant - Protects the interior of the dog bed from dust mites and soiling
  • Soft topper - Your dog can relax and enjoy his sleep time with this orthopedic dog bed.
  • Covers/toppers are removable
  • The dog bed is machine washable.
  • Dog beds relieve joint and muscle pain in your dog
  • Medium - 94cm x 74cm (64cm x 44cm internal)
  • Australian-owned - You're supporting a local business when you buy this dog bed.
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