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100% Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover I 25 cm depth

100% Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover I 25 cm depth

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Dust mite mattress cover made from 100% tightly-woven upland cotton, suitable for mattresses up to 25 cm deep. This dust mite protective cover is Oeko-Tex® certified, guaranteeing quality and providing a superior, comfortable sleeping experience.

Featuring a zipper closure and a pore size of approximately 2.8 microns, along with a cutting-edge sealed seam construction, this mattress protector is ideal for individuals with allergies to dust mites, which measure between 200-500 microns. This protective mattress cover is engineered to block dust mites, bed bugs, and various other allergens from penetrating or exiting the mattress.

  • 100% cotton dust mite mattress protector is an excellent choice for people allergic to synthetic fibres
  • The Oeko-Tex® certification signifies that the material has been subjected to testing for over 100 well-known harmful substances, including but not limited to nonylphenol, octylphenol, alkylphenol ethoxylates, formaldehyde, agricultural pesticides, odorous compounds, and phenolic substances.
  • Featuring a secure velcro zipper lock flap, our 100% cotton dust mite allergy mattress cover is skillfully designed to protect your mattress from the intrusion of dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens, ensuring they stay out and you sleep comfortably.
  • This is a 25 cm depth cotton dust mite mattress cover (we recommend measuring the depth of your mattress).
  • After installation, we recommend placing a standard mattress protector on top of this encasement to shield it from stains and dirt. Regularly wash your standard mattress protector on a weekly basis to prevent the need for unsealing your mattress.
  • Purchase with confidence because of the manufacturer's 30-day quality guarantee and a 10-year warranty. 

Dust Mite Mattress Cover Sizes (25 cm depth)

  • King size mattress cover: 183cm x 203cm 
  • Queen size mattress cover: 153cm x 203cm 
  • Double size mattress cover: 137cm x 190cm 
  • King Single size mattress cover: 108cm x 203cm 
  • Single size mattress cover: 90cm x 190cm 
  • Cot mattress cover: 132cm x 72cm  (13 cm high)

    Why Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover is the Best Choice

      1. Naturally Hypoallergenic: Cotton, a natural fabric, has a lower likelihood of triggering allergies or skin sensitivities, rendering it a favourable option for individuals with allergies or delicate skin.

      2. Breathable: Cotton is exceptionally breathabile, facilitating adequate air circulation and temperature control. This characteristic effectively inhibits the accumulation of moisture, which, in turn, discourages the proliferation of dust mites and mould.

      3. Dust Mite Barrier: A cotton dust mite mattress cover acts as a barrier that prevents dust mites, their allergens, and other potential allergens from infiltrating your mattress, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

      4. Easy Maintenance: Cotton allergy mattress protectors are generally easy to care for and can be machine-washed, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

      5. Noise-Free: Cotton allergy mattress protectors are noise-free, so they won't disrupt your sleep with crinkling sounds.

    How this will alleviate allergies

    The Oeko-Tex certified 100% upland cotton mattress encasement with a pore size of ~2.8 microns provides superior protection against allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. The Velcro zipper lock flap and the recommendation to use a standard mattress protector further enhances the allergen-barrier protection.


    Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified Allergy Protectors: Certified by the rigorous Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, these dust mite allergy protectors are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances, ensuring safety for users and adherence to high environmental and health standards.

    Sub-Micron Pore Size for Maximum Protection (< 2.8 Microns): The protectors boast a pore size of less than 2.8 microns, effectively barring dust mites and allergens from penetrating while still allowing breathability for user comfort.

    Seamlessly Enclosed Binding for Enhanced Protection: Constructed with fully enclosed binding seams, these protectors enhance both durability and protection, ensuring complete allergen blockage at the seams for thorough coverage.

    Breathable and Comfortable Material: Utilizing a fabric that is both breathable and cooling, these protectors ensure a comfortable sleeping experience without sacrificing allergen protection.

    Adaptable for Both Commercial and Home Use: Ideal for a range of settings, from commercial establishments like hotels and healthcare facilities to residential homes, these protectors offer versatile and dependable allergen protection.

    Dual Defense Against Dust Mites and Bed Bugs: These protectors are uniquely designed to provide dual defense, effectively guarding against both dust mites and bed bugs, ensuring comprehensive bedding safety.

    Optimized for Allergy Sufferers: Specifically tailored for individuals with allergies, these protectors reduce exposure to allergens, aiding in the relief of allergic symptoms and promoting a better night’s sleep.

    Simple and Quick Installation: Designed for ease of use, these protectors can be quickly and easily fitted onto your bedding, simplifying the installation process.

    Prolongs the Life of Your Bedding: By shielding new bedding from allergens and pests, these covers not only extend the lifespan but also preserve the quality of your bedding investment.

    Restores Infested Bedding: Capable of revitalizing bedding that has been infested with dust mites or bed bugs, these protectors encase and isolate allergens and pests, enabling continued use of the bedding.

    Electric Blanket Compatible: These protectors are safely compatible with electric blankets, not interfering with their functionality or safety.

    Soft Fabric for Enhanced Comfort: Made from a gentle, soft fabric, these protectors offer comfort against the skin, ensuring a peaceful sleep experience.

    Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Users: With hypoallergenic properties, these protectors are specially designed to prevent allergic reactions, making them suitable for sensitive individuals.

    Convenience of Machine Washing: These protectors are machine washable, making them easy to maintain and keep hygienic, ensuring long-term cleanliness and effectiveness.

    Free from Chemicals and Pesticides: Ensuring a safe sleeping environment, these protectors are devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

    Safe, Non-Toxic, and Inert Material: The textile used in these protectors is non-toxic and inert, eliminating the risk of chemical exposure and making them a safe option for every member of the family.

    What's included

    1 Mattress Protector


    Installation Process for Ensemble Base or Box Spring

    This mattress encasement is suitable for both ensemble bases and box springs. Follow these steps for installation:

    Start by removing the legs or wheels from the base.

    Stretch the encasement over the base, then zip it securely.

    With a sharp knife or scissors, make a small incision at the location of the first leg hole.

    Place the leg or wheel's screw or bolt through the incision in the encasement, then firmly tighten it. This ensures the encasement is tightly attached to the base, particularly where the leg connects to the baseboard.

    Repeat the above steps for each of the remaining legs or wheels.

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    Dust Mite Mattress Cover

    Do dust mite covers work?

    Dust mite covers are effective in reducing exposure to dust mites and their allergens by encasing mattresses, pillows, and duvets with a tightly woven fabric that dust mites cannot penetrate. With a pore size typically less than 10 microns, these allergen-impermeable covers can significantly decrease the amount of dust mite allergens in the sleeping environment, offering relief from allergy symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes for individuals with dust mite allergies.

    For best results, combining the use of dust mite covers with other dust mite elimination strategies, such as washing bedding in hot water, maintaining low humidity levels, and using a HEPA filter vacuum, is recommended.

    How do dust mite covers work?

    Dust mite covers work effectively by encasing mattresses in a tightly woven fabric barrier that prevents dust mites and their allergens from coming into contact with the sleeper. With pore sizes smaller than 10 microns, these covers effectively block the passage of dust mite fecal matter and body fragments, which are common triggers for allergies and asthma. The material of these covers is designed to be breathable for comfort while also being durable enough for regular washing. By creating an allergen-free environment in the bedding, dust mite covers play a crucial role in reducing allergic reactions and improving sleep quality for individuals sensitive to dust mite allergens.

    Can you wash dust mite covers?

    Clean or steam the encasement every three to six months if it's being used together with a mattress protector that gets washed weekly alongside your bed sheets. Keep it away from bleach, high temperatures. Ironing is not recommended.

    How often should you wash dust mite mattress covers?

    Dust mite covers (encasements) should be washed or steamed once every 3 to 6 months, especially when they are used alongside a mattress protector that is regularly washed weekly with your bed linen.

    How long do dust mite covers last?

    Taking good care of your dust mite covers can help them last for many years. This means washing them the right way, not using bleach or putting them in very hot conditions. By looking after them properly, you're keeping their shield against dust mites strong, helping you sleep better and healthier.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Very good

    I purchased the cotton pillow covers first and they helped with my dust mite allergies. So I got the mattress and quilt covers too. And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer! My allergy symptoms have improved a ton.

    Big thumbs up!

    My daughter just got diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy, so I went searched for mattress protectors that actually work. Found these 100% cotton ones and they're awesome! I've already noticed my child sleeping way better.